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Pulse, a reputed pharmacy in Bengaluru, India, was looking to take its deliveries online for reaching their existing customers and widen their audience. Their existing model posed the below challenges.


  • Inability of regular customers to visit the store and make purchases due to their illness.
  • As online deliveries are sold at a much-discounted price compared to over-the-counter drugs, the store was losing out its customers.


Based on all their challenges, we made an error-free delivery management solution for the pharmacy in an efficient way:

Accurate doorstep deliveries

The primary target was to make the medicines available to its customers. Our software has enabled the pharmacy to reach customers who were not able to physically reach the shop due to their illness, right at their doorstep.

Enhanced route optimization by the platform provided the shortest distance for the delivery personnel to reach the customers as soon as possible, at their accurate location.

Increased sales and better delivery experience

Since the pharmacy was able to sell more medicines online rather than loose pieces at the brick-and-mortar store, they were able to generate more revenue even while selling products at a discounted price.

With our platform, we ensured that the products reached the customers on-time, given the time-sensitive nature of the healthcare industry.

MoveX also helped in eliminating delayed deliveries by ensuring that the delivery agents reached the customers easily via their in-app navigation. Also, once the delivery was completed, the customer could acknowledge the same using the digital signature.

Delivering prescribed medicines

Normally, scheduled drugs cannot be sold over-the-counter. The customers should have a valid medical prescription (the latest or recent ones) by licensed doctors to avail the drugs.

The same applies to online dispatches. Through the mobile app, the customer can upload the photocopy of the prescription and order their medicines easily.


With our MoveX solution, the pharmacy was able to provide accurate and timely deliveries and make a mark in this customer-sensitive industry that impacts lives and accounts for the welfare of the customers.

About the Company

Pulse is one of the most renowned names in Southern India. The store has branches across the capital of Karnataka, having an elite and repeated customer base formed primarily because of the quality and assured services offered by them.



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