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Caboo, a conglomerate business in Sri Lanka, was looking to build a platform that helped in providing multiple services to its customers across areas like travel, lifestyle and utility deliveries. With a novel idea in mind, Caboo had the following requirements to build a unique solution.

  • A single platform that connected all its services - i.e. ride-hailing, e-commerce and delivery.
  • Ability to manage its workforce and mobilize drivers to address the delivery and transport demands.
  • User-specific applications for all three domains.


Caboo Taxi: Taking over the ride-hailing competition

With the Caboo Taxi platform, the Sri Lankan-based enterprise made its mark in the ride-hailing market.

  • Passenger experience: Using the white-labeled taxi app, customers could book their rides availing the multiple vehicle options provided by Caboo. Features like fare calculator, real-time vehicle tracking and multiple payment options provided a better passenger experience.
  • Powerful dispatching: With the intelligent auto dispatch feature, ride requests were automatically routed to the nearest drivers, thereby making it easier for Caboo to address ‘n’ number of bookings within seconds. In case there is no nearby driver, the dispatcher or admin could manually assign an available driver through our simplistic dispatch dashboard.
  • Carpooling: In order to increase their revenue opportunities, MoveX introduced the carpooling feature. Here, the driver was able to create trips and onboard passengers for the route. The admin could fix seat-based fare structure which helped in catering to more passengers and increasing vehicle utilization.
  • Marketing support: MoveX helped Caboo in increasing their bookings and attracting new customers by using effective marketing support. Using customer analytics, the admin was able to identify frequent passengers, occasional riders and one-time users. With this insight, Caboo was able to create personalized marketing campaigns to generate the necessary outcome. Using in-app notifications and email campaigns, the ride-hailing business was able to increase their bookings.
  • Business insights: With a massive fleet, there were higher chances of vehicle underutilization and unnecessary operational costs. Our analytical reports helped Caboo in identifying vehicle performance and distributing the bookings equally across the entire fleet. Additionally, with an in-depth view of all their expenses, Caboo was able to make the right cost-cutting decisions easily.

Caboo E-Mall: One-stop shopping center

With an idea to provide a one-stop platform for the islanders to make purchases and connect vendors with their consumers, MoveX helped Caboo in building an E-Mall.

  • Shopping experience: With Caboo E-Mall, customers were able to explore the wide range of products available under each vendor. Designed for quick checkout, the customers can add items to the cart, provide the shipping address and choose their payment option. With timely notifications and order tracking, Caboo offered the best shopping experience for its customers.
  • Faster deliveries: Using the auto or manual dispatch process, Caboo assigned delivery agents to ensure the order is picked from the vendor location and delivered to the customer’s doorstep. With real-time tracking, all the stakeholders were able to monitor the order status, delivery agent location and estimated time of delivery.
  • Vendor management: With multiple vendors across the island, we helped in streamlining Caboo’s business process using a powerful vendor management module. From vendor registration, monitoring order request acceptance, tracking order deliveries to reviewing delivery costs, the admin was able to manage their operations seamlessly.
  • Analytical reports: Using analytical reports, Caboo was able to get a clear picture of all the orders flowing through its E-Mall platform. From fleet utilization reports, vendor-wise insights to delivery agent performance, the admin was able to get an upper hand of everything that was happening and make smarter decisions.

Caboo Export: Connecting businesses. Improving logistics.

The Caboo Export wing was founded with a mission to connect exporters and importers, provide transportation services and increase business opportunities.

  • Export services: With Caboo Export, potential exporters were able to register on the web portal. Using the simplistic workflow, exporters could easily update products they wish to export and send requests to the importers on the platform. Once the importer accepted the request, Caboo helped in assigning an export agency that would assist the exporters in the logistics process. Caboo and its delivery agents later helped in transporting the goods from the exporter’s warehouse to the export agency.
  • Pricing flow: MoveX simplified the complex logistics process by helping Caboo maintain an easy pricing flow. Where the export agencies processed deliveries once the exporter made the payment for their services (packing and delivery), Caboo received its delivery charges.
  • Improved visibility for all: The MoveX platform helped in providing complete transparency for all the stakeholders - exporter, importer, export agency and Caboo's delivery agents. Every stakeholder could view the status, track the order and review the pricing and fares. This helped in the smooth operations of the logistics channel.


With the MoveX solution, Caboo was able to bring its diverse vision into a single platform. The enterprise business was able to mobilize its workforce in addressing the taxi and delivery demands. They witnessed a steady growth in revenue across the verticals, opening up revenue opportunities from all the three services. Also, with the automated process, the operational efficiency was high, thereby minimizing unnecessary costs.

About the Company

Caboo Holdings Ltd. is a Sri Lanka-based enterprise founded with the idea to provide a quality lifestyle to its customers by offering a wide range of services. With a network of over 150,000 drivers, the Caboo platform is built to offer ride-hailing services, e-commerce and delivery solutions to the customers across the island.



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