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The non-governmental organization lending a helping hand for the elderly and homeless people wanted a better alternative for their manual operations in order to reach more such individuals and improve the standard of life for them while making the planet Earth a better place for everyone to live in.


  • Lack of proper channel to streamline food distribution for the homeless
  • Difficulty in planning and executing maximum vehicle usage
  • Lack of visibility across organizational activities
  • Paper-based expenditure management was tedious and time-consuming


Organized food distribution

As Akshayapathiram relied upon manual methods for its operations, planning routes for food distribution consumed a lot of time and manpower. Additionally, the inaccuracy that came with manual route planning, made it difficult for social workers to reach the elderly and homeless to provide food and other essential supplies.

With MoveX, the admin could either assign specific locations for the volunteers to distribute food and optimize routes for the same or create geo zones with virtual boundaries and identify moving targets within the zone to provide for the needy at the earliest.

Improved vehicle usage

The organization found it difficult to channelize its vehicle usage for social services with its existing methods of vehicle dispatch.

With MoveX, Akshyapathiram could automate vehicle dispatch and make sure all the vehicles are used better. With the route planning feature of our digital solution, the charity organization was able to set up its vehicle routes well in advance which allowed them to make multiple deliveries in a single trip. Fleet utilization reports also helped in viewing the number of trips taken by each vehicle.

Additionally, the organization could curtail its fuel costs considerably by insisting its members to take the shortest route to any given location.

Simplified activity management

The NGO struggled hard to manage its day-to-day activities as it relied heavily on paperwork for the same.

With MoveX, Akshayapathiram could eliminate paperwork completely and handle all the organizational activities from record maintenance to expense management seamlessly, all by automating operations.

Increased operational efficiency

The organization lacked a proper channel to streamline its operations chiefly because all the processes and operations were carried out manually.

Our digital solution generated analytical reports from time to time taking into account everything including the number of trips completed, the number of jobs done, the routes taken, the rate of fuel consumption and much more. This way, the NGO could make effective data-backed decisions while making use of every asset and resource to the fullest for improving its overall efficiency.


By automating their operations with MoveX, Akshayapathiram made food and other fundamental itineraries available at the earliest for the elderly and homeless. As they minimized overhead costs, the organization invested more money in its social activities and reached more homeless people to extend them a helping hand.

About the Company

Akshayapathiram is a non-governmental organization based in India aiming to uplift the underprivileged by providing them with food and other basic supplies and improve their standard of life.



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