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The emerging startup was looking to build an online marketplace that would connect people and service providers, in a single platform. With multiple service vendors tied up with the business and a vision to provide better customer experience, Runboy had the following requirements for the online marketplace.

  • Marketplace for providing on-demand home services
  • Connecting customers with local service providers in a particular area for faster access.


Providing faster, quality services

Through the online marketplace, Runboy was able to bridge the gap between customers and service providers. With just a few taps on the mobile app, customers could choose their preferred services.

Based on the appointment time scheduled by the customers, the service providers could reach their location and provide on-time services. Additionally, real-time alerts helped Runboy in providing a better customer experience.

Increased customer reach

To help Runboy in targeting a larger audience, the platform was supported by marketing features such as in-app notifications, email campaigns, promotional discounts and more. Using user analytics, Runboy was able to target specific groups and generate interest which later translated into revenue.

The platform also enabled the admin to fix prices based on occasions with the help of the surge pricing option that determines the maximum set price for the customers to avail services. This, in turn, helped Runboy in leveraging the customer demand to gain more profit margin.

Simplified workforce management

Managing workforce was made reliable as the platform provided the accurate location of their personnel, jobs handled by them - along with in-time and exit-time, thereby resulting in streamlined, error-free work culture.

Additionally, using customer feedback, Runboy was able to take the necessary steps to improve their workforce’s performance and eventually boost its quality of service.

Automated accounts management

Managing a large-scale online marketplace that is tied up with multiple service providers can be challenging. With MoveX, the business owner was able to view the revenue generated over a time period using the powerful backend. Also, the platform helped the business owner to get service provider-wise commission reports. Using automated billing, Runboy was able to provide complete transparency, helping them run their operations smoothly.


With our platform, Runboy was able to step into the online service industry. Using our suite of applications, the business was able to reach a wider audience, bring in more service providers and grow their business.

About the Company

Runboy is an emerging online marketplace for essential services. Their prime purpose is to provide customers with easy access to quality services - everything from repair and maintenance, wedding planners, photographers, beauticians and more. With a wide network of experts, Runboy is slowly making its mark in the industry.



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