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  • The existing NEMT and paratransit solution was inefficient and expensive.
  • Manual vehicle dispatch consumed a lot of time and manpower.
  • Handling multiple trips at a time was chaotic and tedious.
  • Lack of a proper channel to reschedule assigned trips.


Meticulous system integration

Using the existing solution, Lync Transport struggled to meet the specific transit requirements of the disabled and manage bookings from the hospitals. Besides, the existing device-based system was expensive and required maximum workforce involvement.
Firstly, we securely extracted data from the existing NEMT management system by gaining authorized access to the client’s server and integrated it with our digital solution using PHP. Next up, we built the digital solution to manage new bookings from hospitals and patients. Through data synchronization, Lync Transport could handle both the systems and automate operations for better efficiency.

Automated trip management

Lync Transport found it monotonous and time-consuming to manage trips using conventional methods. Besides, they had to employ several resources to carry out vehicle dispatch manually.
MoveX automated vehicle dispatch based on the incoming ride requests which, in turn, saved a lot of time and manpower for the government-based NEMT service provider. Based on the bookings received from the hospitals and brokers, the NEMT service provider could plan the daily driver trips. Depending upon the booking priority and the pickup and drop off locations, the dispatcher could consolidate ride requests from a single platform.

Enhanced transport service

With manual NEMT operations, the service provider struggled to meet the varying paratransit needs of their target audience which, in turn, resulted in poor customer experience.
Besides creating a separate module for healthcare service providers to book rides for their patients, we also built an exclusive passenger app to facilitate the elderly and disabled individuals to book rides in just a few clicks. Both healthcare professionals and passengers could easily reschedule rides based on varying transit requirements with our digital solution.
As for the NEMT service provider, they could reschedule rides from the admin backend panel based on customer requests. This way, the organization could improve customer experience while coming up with quick alternatives to cater to the needs of the target market.

Improved revenue transparency

As the customers did not make ride fare payment directly to the government designated NEMT service provider, they found it difficult to keep track of their revenue.
With advanced analytics, MoveX generated periodic reports based on various criteria including the total number of rides, the remuneration percentage for trips, the routes taken, the fuel consumption rate and much more. This way, the organization could gain maximum transparency over its revenue while monitoring its business performance to make effective decisions.


With MoveX, the government-aided NEMT company provided a safe and timely commute for disabled and elderly individuals by creating smart NEMT routes and automating fleet dispatch while boosting its operational efficiency and cutting down overhead expenses synchronously.

About the Company

Lync Transport, a NEMT company based in the United States, wanted an upgraded mobility solution to streamline its operations and provide improved patient transportation. The organization faced the following problems with manual NEMT management.



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“Lync Transport is a US-based NEMT company that aims to provide safe, timely and affordable transport from medical and non-medical destinations for individuals with special needs including senior citizens and disabled people. "